Our local community are hugely supportive of your work, keeping our hospitals running safely, caring for all of our community, including those of us with covid19. We need to get this support to you, so you see and feel the benefit. 

So. Please tell us – how should we spend the money people have donated for our staff welfare campaign? (note – there’s a finite amount!) What would help you and your colleagues the most?


  1. This is money people have generously donated or fundraised for you. For staff welfare. It’s for things which are over and above. Lovely things. For you. (It’s not for anything which is just the normal running of the hospital). Take a look at our donations page (HERE) to see the incredible things people have done to raise this money.
  2. The funding is equally available to staff whatever your role. It’s for everyone from cleaners to surgeons, nurses, porters, receptionists.  We are a team. 
  3. Think creatively – we have an opportunity to do something really lovely for you thanks to our community. 

What happens next?

We are collecting your ideas through a range of routes, and whilst no doubt we wont be able to do everything, we’ll be looking to use donations to fund those ideas which will be felt quickly by as many staff as possible. 

Any questions?

Give us a call anytime on x1295, or email [email protected]