We are an amazing local community, heading into some challenging times. Our role as the charity for East Surrey Hospital, and Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust is to help NHS staff go above and beyond for you. For our patients, our friends, families, and our whole community.

Our job is to help get your support to where it is needed most across our hospitals. We wanted to let you know what we are doing on your behalf as we head into an unprecedented period in our National Health Service.

  • Supporting NHS staff: We love NHS staff. And we know you do too, so above all, we are working with colleagues to support trust-wide staff welfare work across Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust. We are asking people what they want and how we can best help. You already helped us provide new sofas and coffee machines for the Emergency Department staff rest area, and to create a new 24/7 staff welfare/de-stress area for staff to use during breaks or following difficult incidents. 
  • Supporting staff ideas: Where NHS colleagues have ideas for how charitable funding can help them go further for patients, or each other, we are open for business, so staff can apply right now to get support for their idea with your donations. We’ve also launched a quick response system with many smaller funding requests for staff welfare funds dealt with within 24 hours of the request. We’ve already been able to support improvements to the emergency department and Ear Nose and Throat Team staff rooms/rest areas.
  • Help us buy everyone a drink: It’s going to be busy here. So, with your help, we will build a small budget to help NHS staff across our hospitals go for social events once the coming period of pressure and social distancing measures has passed. We will (with your support) provide a budget for each and every team across SASH NHS Trust, (from cleaners, to porters, nurses, and leaders) to go for a drink/social event. Because we (like you) love our NHS staff, and it’s the very least we can do, given what they’ll be doing for us in the coming months.

You can donate right now:

Your donations will be used right here at East Surrey Hospital, and Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust to help staff go above and beyond in the coming weeks and months.

Together we are an incredible community. Thank you.