Sun comes out

People across Surrey and Sussex have been startled this morning by the appearance of the sun, where previously there had been clouds and rain. We have checked with NHS colleagues and have it on good authority that this is normal at this time of year and helps people to feel great.  Please enjoy this big hit of vitamin d responsibly.  … Read More

Inspiring spaces: improving staff and visitor rest areas at SASH

We are excited to announce the next phase of improvements coming to SASH thanks to the support of our local community. Through the pandemic, your donations have helped staff with urgent requests (for example providing tablet devices to every ward in the Trust for family video calls with loved ones, and support for staff from a clinical psychologist). Staff also ... Read More

New Google Earth map lets you explore how your donations help at SASH

The point of donating to a charity is to make great stuff happen. So, we’ve put together an interactive map to show you some of the things your donations have made possible during the last 2 years.  You’ll see your support ranges from the small things which are hugely appreciated by staff, through to major investments (e.g. state of the … Read More